PEMF clinic



When you come along for the first time, we will spend time discussing your health needs and what you are looking to achieve. 

Once this has been determined, the PEMF treatment protocols will be discussed  – this will focus on the how often you will need to come and for how long.

Each session will involve you either lying fully clothed on a couch or seated with the Pulsed Electromagnetic fields (PEMF’s) applied  via various applicators. How the PEMF are applied will depend of which part of the body needs the most focused treatment.

What does it feel like?

PEMF’s feel like pulses. They can be gentle or stronger in nature, and on slightly higher levels can cause muscle contractions in the body. It is not painful and many people enjoy the pulsing as it can either induce a sense of relaxation or energising.

This clinic is based near Worcester, West Midlands.